I write modern-day mysteries a cross between Indiana Jones and Agatha Christie featuring puzzle plots, world travel, history, plenty of adventure, and a dash of romance. They’re traditional mysteries written for adults, but are kid-friendly (no graphic violence, sex, or bad language).

The Accidental Alchemist Mysteries

This award-winning paranormal mystery series set in Portland, Oregon, features a centuries-old female alchemist a gargoyle who was once stone before being accidentally brought to life through alchemy.


Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mysteries

In this USA Today bestselling series that reviewers compare to Elizabeth Peters novels and Indiana Jones movies, historian Jaya Jones solves present-day crimes linked to treasures from India’s colonial history. Each book takes Jaya from San Francisco to a different foreign destination—so far Scotland, India, France, Italy, and Japan.


Short Stories

My latest locked-room mystery story is now nominated for an Agatha Award. Click the cover to read the story. An unsolved murder from the 1930s. A ghost story to explain the impossible crime. A dead man in the haunted library. And no way for the authorities to reach the survivors until the snowstorm clears…

Six locked-room “impossible crime” stories published in six anthologies. Click the image for more details on each.

This collection includes “Fools Gold: A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Novella”


MWA cookbook

This cookbook includes my recipe for Caramelized Onion Dahl.