Short Stories

All of Gigi’s short stories are locked-room “impossible crime” mysteries.

The Library Ghost of Tanglewood Inn

A short story out November 16, 2017, from Henery Press—now nominated for an Agatha Award!

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 An unsolved murder from the 1930s. A ghost story to explain the impossible crime. A dead man in the haunted library. And no way for the authorities to reach the survivors until the snowstorm clears…

A snowstorm waylays Jaya Jones and Tamarind Ortega. It seems almost too good to be true that they find rooms for the night in beautiful old inn—until they find a dead man clutching an Agatha Christie novel in the secluded hotel’s library. Worse yet, Tamarind is accused of the crime. To clear her friend, Jaya must delve into the history of the hotel’s haunted library. The present-day mystery is eerily similar to a mysterious unsolved death in the 1930s—could it be the work of the library’s avenging ghost?

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“The Library Ghost of Tanglewood Inn  is pitch perfect on every level. Wow, I loved this story.”

—Award-winning author Shelly Dickson Carr

Asian Pulp anthology The Curse of Cloud Castle

“The Curse of Cloud Castle” appears in the Asian Pulp anthology, published in July 2015 by Pro Se Productions.

“The Curse of Cloud Castle” is a locked-room mystery featuring Sanjay Rai, the Indian-American stage magician who performs as The Hindi Houdini. Sanjay is invited to perform his show at an old friend’s birthday party on a supposedly haunted island off the coast of California, and “the curse of cloud castle” plays out when one of the guests is murdered. But is the culprit a ghost, or an ingenious person who has pulled off the perfect crime?

LAdies Night anthology Sisters in Crime Los AngelesTempest in a Teapot

“Tempest in a Teapot” appears in LAdies Night, the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Chapter anthology, published by Down & Out Books in June of 2015.

“Tempest in a Teapot” is an impossible crime mystery featuring a new character from the Jaya Jones world: Tempest Mendez, a magician friend of Sanjay’s.

Murder at the Beach: The Bouchercon 2014 Anthology, includes The Haunted Room by Gigi PandianThe Haunted Room

“The Haunted Room” appears in Murder at the Beach: The Bouchercon 2014 Anthology, published by Down & Out Books in October 2014.

“The Haunted Room” is an impossible crime story featuring Jaya Jones and her landlady Nadia solving a seemingly impossible series of thefts from San Francisco’s history.

Fool’s Gold: A Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Novella (a prequel to Artifact)

Originally published in OTHER PEOPLE’S BAGGAGE (currently Out of Print), a collection of three interconnected mystery novellas published by Henery Press in 2012

All historian Jaya Jones wants is a relaxing vacation in Scotland before starting her first year teaching college. But when a world-famous chess set is stolen from a locked room during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Jaya and her magician best friend, The Hindi Houdini, must outwit actresses and alchemists to solve the baffling crime.

The Hindi Houdini

Gigi’s short story “The Hindi Houdini” was short-listed for Agatha and Macavity awards for Best Short Story of 2013.

“The Hindi Houdini” appears in FISH NETS: The Second Guppy Anthology, 22 more tales of murder and mayhem by the rising stars of mystery.

“The Hindi Houdini” is a locked room mystery that gives Jaya’s magician best friend Sanjay his first starring role.

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The Shadow of the River

Gigi’s short story “The Shadow of the River”appears in FISH TALES: The Guppy Anthology, 22 tales of murder and mayhem by the rising stars of mystery.

“The Shadow of the River” is a locked-room mystery featuring Jaya Jones.

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