A Pre-order Giveaway

Get this limited edition character card artwork by my award-winning artist mom, Sue Parman.

Pre-order The Ninja’s Illusion to enter to win of these art cards! On book launch day (October 3), 25 lucky winners will receive one of these character art cards, plus 5 people will receive a whole set.

These illustrations are of 5 the main characters from The Ninja’s Illusion: Jaya, Lane, Sanjay, Tamarind, and the mysterious Magician’s Assistant. The playing card theme is because this book involves Sanjay’s stage magic show!

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THEN EMAIL ME: gigi [@] gigipandian.com

You can also get one of these cards if you come to my in-person events and buy the book there. This fall I’ll be in Oakland, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz California, and in Toronto, Canada. Find the list of my events here.

THIS EARLIER PORTION OF THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED: The first 50 people to email me that they’ve pre-ordered The Ninja’s Illusion will receive one of these limited edition playing cards with artwork based on the book. (Requesting it at your local library counts too!) Plus, every 10th person will also receive a set of all 5 cards or a print copy of one of my earlier 7 books — winner’s choice.

Win an Elusive Elixir mug

Want to win a mug? Take a photo of yourself with any of my books and post it on social media. Either tag me, or email gigi [@] gigipandian.com to let me know you’ve done so.

There will be a monthly drawing on the first of each month, through 2017.


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