Research for Jaya Jones Book 4 in Bomarzo, Italy

I recently returned from Europe, where I made three detours to work on my next two novels.

First, the Renaissance “Park of Monsters” in Bomarzo, Italy. I got plenty of history and inspiration wandering through the labyrinthine paths of the macabre garden. I’m not going to say more here, because I’m still in the middle of my research. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Gigi-Pandian-Bomarzo-Italy-2015-b&w-web-textOh yes, Jaya is going to have a grand adventure here…



My second writing-related stop was an unexpected treat. Ex-pat mystery novelist Linda Lappin genrously invited me to tea at her home, near Bomarzo — which happened to be inside the walls of a Medieval Tuscan village!

Linda is the author of the novel Signatures in Stone, set at Bomarzo. That’s how we happened to meet online. I found her book when I was reading up on Bomarzo, and I greatly enjoyed it so I posted my review on Goodreads. Linda noticed it, and when she learned I was working on my own novel set at Bomarzo, she sent me links to resources, and then invited me to her home on my trip Italy. In addition to her marvelous hospitality, I love the fact that GPS couldn’t give directions inside the old car-less walled city, so she had to write out detailed instructions so I could find the place.

Italy Vitorchiano Gigi Linda Lappin crop Instagram IMG_20150906_182600

The last detour was Paris. I wanted to fact check a few things for the third Accidental Alchemist novel I’m working on (yes, I know the Internet exists, but this was more fun). I wasn’t seeking out Rue Nicholas Flamel for my research, but I stumbled upon it on my last day in Paris.


Time to get back to work on these books now.