The New Blog

I’ve had a few blogs over the years:
  1. The PensFatales was a group blog, active from 2009-2012. We were all starting out in our writing careers, and we grew into an in-person writers group that built some of my greatest friendships. Pens Fatales in 2011
  2. Gargoyle Girl is my photography blog that I posted to weekly, before I became a published author. I still post photos there when I’ve got a new batch of gargoyle and/or mysterious photos. St Vitus Cathedral gargoyle
  3. And I started my own blog after I was diagnosed with breast cancer the month after my 36th birthday. I didn’t have a plan except that I wanted to be able to record things that mean something to me as I went through a total life transformation, seizing the day and throwing myself into my writing.

It’s now 4 years later. I’m still cancer-free, and so I can live life to the fullest after that crazy cancer experience, I’m having fun writing two mystery series.

For my own sanity, all of my new general blog posts will now be here on my main website (as opposed to my old Blogger blog). The previous blogs are still up online, so you can browse the archives for anything you’d like to see, plus I’ll continue to post gargoyle photos on Gargoyle Girl.